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I am a Registered Dietitian/Licensed Dietitian-Nutritionist and a Certified Health and Wellness Coach. I have a Bachelor of Arts Degree in Communications from Villanova University and I completed my dietetics coursework through Drexel University in Philadelphia, PA. I graduated with my Master of Science degree in Nutrition from University of Saint Joseph in Connecticut in 2019. I am proud to serve as the Secretary of the Board of Directors for the Pennsylvania Academy of Nutrition and Dietetics. 

I know that food can be our greatest pleasure in life and at the same time, control our every moment. Food plays such a central role in our lives and our health and we need to be in control of our food choices, not the other way around. 

I am a mom to three children, ages 6, 8, and 22. I understand the challenges that come with trying to establish healthy habits while also juggling work, afterschool activities, and the health of aging parents. Those are a lot of balls to keep in the air, and we often let our own self-care suffer so we can take care of everybody else. 

I was diagnosed with Crohn's disease in 2011 and Graves disease, an autoimmune thyroid condition in 2015. I currently receive Remicade treatments for my Crohn's disease and my Grave's disease is in remission. I share this with you to let you know that we are all in the middle of similar struggles. Mine might be different than yours, but we are all on this journey together. I am so thankful for medical treatment options, but I work hard to keep my nutrition on point to support my body's own healing and give me the energy and strength that I need to help myself, my family, and hopefully you!

I am confident that I can help you to feel better and live a fuller life. I can help make sure you are eating properly to manage your medical conditions, help you lose weight, or just feel your best. Nutritional Living is about nourishing our lives through healthy eating habits and living our best life with the body we were given. Every session is personalized and I meet you where you are to set goals towards better health. Call today for a free consultation! I can't wait to work with you!

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Weight Loss

Stress Eating

Diabetes and Prediabetes

Medical conditions

Digestive wellness

Food allergies & intolerances

Healthy cooking / meal planning

Family and pediatric nutrition

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